Tree Planting

A great way to increase the value of your home is to improve and maintain its outdoor appearance. At Sawtooth Tree Service, we will evaluate sun exposure, soil conditions, and area size to make sure you get the right trees in the right location.

There is a right way and a lot of wrong ways to plant a tree. We plant them the right way! All too often we have to remove trees that have died due to improper planting. Common causes of death are trees that have been planted to deep, girdling roots, twine not cut and improper compaction of soil around root ball.

Tree Preservation

We offer tree cabling and bracing as an alternative to removal of certain trees or large limbs. This practice is site specific and will require evaluation and inspection every few years.
Taking the right steps to ensure proper growth and development of your young trees is imperative to their long term health. It will pay dividends to follow these steps:

  • Proper planting
  • Irrigation
  • Proper Fertilization
  • Structural Pruning within 2-5 years of planting
  • Proper Mulching around base of tree

Healthy trees will resist pests and disease and will be less likely to fail as they age.

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